Photo on 5-28-15 at 8.50 PM


Mom and I had a very busy Thursday.  Mom finalized what she needed to for her new job, we ate at a new restaurant, and, we got new tattoos.

Shalom (hebrew)-peace

Pisteuo (greek)-believe

I have “Believe” everywhere in my house; in front of the t.v., a Christmas ornament, and something else that I painted.  It’s a word that has resonated with me, for some reason.  Why not “dream”?  Why not “hope”?  I don’t know.

I follow a guy named Chip on Facebook.  He put up a post about his new apprentice doing free script tattoos.  I told Mom about it a few days after I saw it, and she told me I had to set up an appointment.

“But, I don’t know what I’d get.”

“Get ‘believe’.”

Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that?

But, that’s so common.  Even Chip made a joke about it.  I didn’t mind, because I agreed.

Thursday morning, Mom told me she was getting “Shalom”.  I thought she was going to get “dream,” but I like this idea better.  I also liked the fact that she was flipping through the Bible and said, “Here’s the greek word for ‘believe’.”  I loved it.  It was perfect.  It was different.

“I thought it was another language for ‘pissed’,” someone at work said to me (the word is pronounced pis-tyoo-oh).

Why did I get it on my arm?  Well, everyone (at work) has tattoos on the underside of their wrist.  Also, I like to write stuff in that spot, with me being left-handed and all.  I thought it was different, so I did it.

Mom and I are really happy with our decision.  After I left the shop I kept thinking, “Oh wow, I just got another tattoo.”

Yes, yes I did.

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