The Plagiarist And The Word ‘No’

Once upon a time, the English language had a word called 'no'.  History books say this word meant, "the opposite of yes."  The history books also explain why this word is no longer used.  People used the word 'no' because the person who they said it to was a different color, or race, or religion.  … Continue reading The Plagiarist And The Word ‘No’

Mildly Sane Feline Women

When I was born, my mother had a cat named Kitty.  She was a great cat.  She was 21 when she passed away.  It was hard on my mother, since she had Kitty many, many years before I came around.  It took Mom six years before she even thought about getting another cat. When Mom was … Continue reading Mildly Sane Feline Women