It’s A Christmas Miracle

I got a call from my dad on Saturday (the 20th).  It could have been Sunday.  Anyway, he said he was on his way to come see me.  He showed up on Monday, and with him, he brought deer meat.  Oh people, that in itself is the best Christmas present ever.  I wasn’t expecting him to bring as much as he did.  Sausage, “meat candy,” (meat with honey barbeque), steak, hamburger.  It was delicious.  It’s been years since I’ve had venison (possibly 14), so this was a treat.

He cooked the steak up for us on Christmas, and boy did I eat that up.

We played Zelda Monopoly, we talked, we laughed.  It was fun.  I’m not going to go too much into his visit, since he’s still here (he’s leaving tomorrow morning).

It’s been fun, it’s been interesting, it’s been enjoyable.  For me, at least.  Mom…well, Mom’s being Mom.  Half party pooper, half…well, Mom.  I get what I’m saying.

I’ll talk more about it next time.

How was your Christmas?  What did you do?  All I did was eat and watch one and a half Clint Eastwood movies (Drifter something something and Jodie Wells.  I’m tired, I can’t think).

Merry belated Christmas!  I hope it was a great one!

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!

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