Board Games


Happy October everyone!  Wow, these months sure are flying by fast.  Behold!  Zelda Monopoly!  That’s right, Mom and I finally played it.  You’d think I would have won, with all the money I have.  No, Mom beat me by $277.  Sheesh.  It was a blast though.  We didn’t put up houses (deku shrubs) because we had played for so long.  Can you believe that we got equal cards?  Mom kept telling me I had more property, so I told her to count her cards, and I’d count mine.  We both had the same amount.

Besides that, we played Clue and Battleship.  We hadn’t played those in forever.  It was awesome.

Absolutely nothing else is new with me.  We’re cleaning out the basement, but that’s about it.  Just work, mostly.

Well, talk to you guys next week.

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!


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