Back in 2010, Mom and I had been living in Tennessee for about a month when the World Cup started.  She had a job, I did not.  So, I sat in front of the t.v. and watched soccer (or futbol/football, which it will be called for the duration of the World Cup, possibly for the duration of my life).

Side note: America sucks.  We came over to this new land to be independent from England, and yet we have the same colors of their flag and the same tune as their national anthem.  And now, we have stolen taken “football” and given it to a completely different sport, one that only requires feet touching the ball 2% of the time.  I like the idea of calling American football “hand egg” from now on.  But on a positive note, USA actually won a game.

Anyway, back to the story.  Mom wasn’t able to watch most of it because she had to work.  I enjoyed it though.  But this year, it’s the opposite.  Thankfully, I can watch at least one game on work days.  Mom is very much into it this year.  I wasn’t expecting that, but when I came home and she was telling me about the games with excitement in her tone and on her face, I know my face lit up.  I was so excited that she was excited.

Do I care who wins?  No (but I do really want *Uruguay to at least make it past the group stage.  Why?  Why not?).  I just like sharing something that I enjoy with my mother.  Also, this is a great way to learn some geography.

One of my co-workers asked me what I had been up to.  The conversation went like this:

“Watching the World Cup.”
“The Stanley Cup?  I watched that too.”
“No, the World Cup.”
“The NBA finals?”
“No, soccer.”

It was short lived.

Are you watching the World Cup?  Are you rooting for anyone?  If so, who?

*- It took me at least five minutes to spell Uruguay.  Spell Check had no idea was I was trying to spell.  It tried though:  Prague, Utah yet, Urge it, Are guru.  

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