FIFA Las Vegas

No, this has nothing to do with Las Vegas. Uruguay got into the round of 16!  Yay!  Even though they're up against Columbia (who won all three of their games), I'm still rooting for them. And thank you Portugal for winning so the USA can go on.  We're up against Belgium.  We didn't get this … Continue reading FIFA Las Vegas


Back in 2010, Mom and I had been living in Tennessee for about a month when the World Cup started.  She had a job, I did not.  So, I sat in front of the t.v. and watched soccer (or futbol/football, which it will be called for the duration of the World Cup, possibly for the … Continue reading FIFA Fo Fum

Book Review: ‘Love Skip Jump’ by Shelene Bryan

Love- Have the right view of God, and love others as Christ loves us Skip- Skip one thing (a meal, a movie, etc.) and give that money to help others Jump- Jump in without any doubt, knowing that this is what God wants you to do, and trust in Him If you have a heart … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Love Skip Jump’ by Shelene Bryan

The Most Important Thing I’ll Always Forget

Writing is hard.  There are so many rules to follow, so much that could go wrong, so much that needs to be there and doesn't need to be there.  Spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure.  Verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, plural nouns, conjunctions.  It all has to be right. Right? Who says? There is a difference between … Continue reading The Most Important Thing I’ll Always Forget