You Can’t Have What’s Not There

If you didn’t already know, my mom had a seizure.  I know, I keep telling you guys this, but someone may not be aware of it.  And if you aren’t, you also don’t know that I freaked out (for good reason) and I made my mom go to the hospital.

Three days and no answers later, we escaped.  And my little episode cost us $12,000.

Well, we don’t have the money.

Mom just got a letter today that said it’s going into collections.  That’s all fine and dandy, but if they expect this to scare us into paying them, their little trick didn’t work.  We don’t have the money, plain and simple.

Aside from that, I went back to work on Tuesday.  Everyone was happy I was back, especially T, the girl who burned my foot.  Eh, it was an accident, I don’t blame her (too much).  I worked again on Thursday with a new guy (well, he’s new to me), who was also trained by T, so we worked well together.

That’s all for today.  It’s a short one (that’s good, right?).  Talk to you guys next week!

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Have What’s Not There

    • sarahtheswan says:

      Absolutely! She also has student loans to pay, which is a lot more than that bill, and they’ve been waiting in line for a long time too.

      And thank you. Yes, we’re doing fine :).


  1. Dave says:

    Sorry to hear about the seizure. Hope she’s ok.
    Almost as sorry to hear about the $12k – that’s crazy.
    A friend of mine was really stuggling to breathe one night so we called emergency services, they came and treated her, took her to the hospital, treated her some more, then sent her home a few hours later – NHS cost? £0.00


    • sarahtheswan says:

      Thank you. She had a couple MRIs done after that, and no one found anything. So, we’re still answer-less.

      Yeah, it is crazy. But, what can you do? That’s the medical field for you :\.


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