A Lot Has Happened

Wow, it’s been two weeks! I hope you liked R.J.’s guest post. Alright, time to get started!

Two weeks ago, I told you that the doctor told me my scab would be off by the 15th. Well, it actually came off that Sunday (so two Sundays ago). It healed! But it’s purple.

So, on Monday (two Mondays ago, the week of R.J.’s post) I put on socks and shoes, and I did my driving test and I got my license. That’s right, I’m almost 23 1/2 and I just now got my license. I’m not ashamed!

So later that week, I drove, by myself, up to see my boss. My doctor’s note said I should go back to work on the 19th, but I had to drive Mom to her MRI appointment on the 20th, so my boss told me I could start the 25th. Great!

So we went and got Mom’s second, more in-depth MRI (on this past Tuesday, now we’re into this week). If we don’t get a call from the doctor in the next couple weeks, Mom’s fine.

Edit: Mom got a call this morning.  Her MRI came back normal.  Yay!

We worked in the garden doing some weeding, we went to a marina and fed some crap carp, went up to the Roanoke Star, and saw the Roanoke River. That was fun.

Last but not least: Supernatural. Um…what? No spoilers, but…no. It was such a fantastic episode–some even say the best in the series, so far–that I recorded it. Um, yeah, I’m watching it again.

I went up to my work to get my schedule. I start on the 26th, and I only work for two days. No big deal, at all.

I got some critiques for my second short story (and one even hurt me a bit), but I got over it and I realized that it was the best critique ever. So before I go back to work, I’m going to try to revise that and send it back.

By the way, I’ve sold two copies of Mother Ann. I’m rich!

Oh, yes, alright. I am in the process of working on a second blog. Why you ask? Because I can, and because I want it to be writing specific. It’s where I writing about writing, what inspires me and how, what troubles I go through as a writer, how I see writerly things (like critiques and reviews), stuff like that. Why not, right?

Alright, I’m done. Talk to you guys next week.

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