The Good News, The News, And The Other News

The Good News
My mother had an MRI on Wednesday to look inside her brain and see if they (the doctors) could find what caused her seizure.  We went to the doctors and found out that they couldn’t find anything, and that it looked good.  Hurray!

The News
The doctor did say she was concerned about one thing: Mom’s enlarged pituitary gland.  What is that?  It’s a gland located behind the bridge of your nose, close to your optic nerve, and is right at the end of your brain stem (which is connected to your spine).  It’s usually the size of a pea, and it pretty much controls the rest of your glands (or at least the major ones, including the thyroid gland).  Since it is close to your optic nerve, an enlarged pituitary gland can cause vision problems, such as double vision.  My mother has in fact been having vision problems (but not double vision).  And, her eyes were going weird right before her seizure.  We don’t know if this is what caused the seizure, I’m just telling you all of the facts.

Now, what is the solution here?  It can range between medication and surgery.  Oooof course.  But, Mom is having another MRI done next week I believe, and this time they’re going to look at just that gland, to see if it is in fact serious.

The Other News
Oh, you would not believe the week I had.  So, the doctor’s office didn’t schedule me an appointment at the wound clinic because they didn’t pick up.  Two weeks later, they didn’t think to call back the WC (wound clinic), so I was just wondering what was going on.

I got a call from the nurse who works with the workman’s comp.  She was upset with me, at first, until I told her I called this place and that place.  So she told me she would call the doctor to get me an appointment with the WC.  Weeeeell, that didn’t work.  So she told me to call the office.  Ok, great, I did and I got an appointment with the WC doctor.

The nurse called me back.  The doctor for the WC is a pediatrist, and workman’s comp doesn’t cover that.  So, instead, she tells me to see the MD at the doctor’s office (who I hadn’t been seeing, and again, she was not happy about that as well).

So, long story short, I got an appointment yesterday, saw my doctor and the MD.  The doctor (who is really just a PA) said my scab should be off by next week and I should be good for work by the 19th.

Quite frankly, I don’t want to go back.  I have been writing like a mad woman, and it’s been amazing.  I know that if and when I go back to this job, I’ll lose my want to write.  That’s what happens when I have a job.  I just published my first short story, I just finished the first draft of my first book Times, I’m picking up speed on my second short story.  I don’t want to stop!  I know I should write even though I have a job, but it doesn’t work.  Too much stress, and I’m too tired and uninspired.

But, I have to.  It’s the only income Mom and I have right now.  I have to go back…

Anyway, that’s what happened this week (beside the fact that Mom and I painted another picture on Monday).  Dad’s working, which is good.  I think that’s it though.  So I shall talk to you guys next week.  Bye!

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