I got a call from my dad on Easter.  It wasn’t to tell me, “Happy Easter!”  It was to tell me that my other grandma died.  She and dad were in Florida for the summer, and she had a mini stroke.  When she got out of the hospital, she told Dad she wanted to go home, in Michigan.  Four days after being home, she passed away in her sleep.

Mom and I drove up Michigan to go to the funeral, which is today.

I miss Michigan, my home.  Every time I come back I feel like I never left.  I pointed out a few things to Mom, since she hasn’t been up here since 2007.  She pointed out a few things to me too.  But I don’t want to live up here.  I don’t like the cold, the snow 3/4 of the year (there’s still ice on the Great Lakes).  I don’t like the hot either, but I’d rather be hot than cold.

There are a lot of differences between us and him.  The house, the money, the situation.  The house is small and a mess.  Our house is big and clean.  Dad’s not doing well with money, Mom and I have enough to pay our bills.  Dad’s alone, Mom has me.

“I’d like to spend more time with you,” he told me.  “Well, now you can,” I replied.  He’s been saying that for years, but he always had his mom.  Now that she’s gone, what does he have?  Yes, he can come see me at any time (that his job will allow him), but will he?  What will he do with all of this freedom?  Oh wait, he doesn’t have any.  I think he’s more burdened now than he was when Grandma was alive.  He has to figure out if he wants the house, since it has a reverse mortgage.  If he doesn’t, where will he live?  He already told us he doesn’t want to rent an apartment with someone, but he has also told us his money problems.  Much sadness.  Such confusing.

Anywho, the funeral is today.  Mom and I might go to the zoo.  We don’t know what we’re doing yet.  We just know we have to be home by Sunday night.

That’s all for now.  Until next week!

2 thoughts on “Michigan

  1. Patrick says:

    Sorry about life. You are still awesomesocks though, so that’s something. As I read about that heat vs cold I had to get smug, living in San Francisco. I’m terribly poor, live in a tiny room (clean-ish depending on mental state;), but boy do I have great climate!


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