A Hint Of Fear

Yesterday, I had to drive farther than I had before, and, in a more condensed area, with traffic and stuff.  Mom says I did a good job, probably because I was too nervous to mess up.  On the way home though, once I got through it, I looked at Mom (for a split second, I had to get my eyes back on the road), and I asked her why that went so fast.

“We weren’t quiet” she answered.  No, she was right, we were too busy talking for me to concentrate on the nerves.  I’m getting better at talking while driving.  I usually don’t like to because I have other things to focus on, but I’m starting to focus on more than one thing now, not car/road related (like, turning the radio station, changing the volume, etc.). 

I still don’t like driving, but I’m getting better at it.  When I start not being scared, that’s when I should stop driving.  If you don’t have a hint of fear in all you do, you’re doing it wrong.  I’m all for being confident in yourself, but keep a pinch of fear deep inside, where no one can see it, just for you.

I go back to the doctors next Wednesday, so I’ll have a foot update for you then.  For now, I’ll just say that it hurts.  My blister skin is coming off, and oh boy does the underneath hurt.  Sometimes I can’t even bend my foot.

As far as my short story goes, I ran into a snag.  It was me, I was the snag.  If you follow me on Google+ (which you should, I’m a lot of fun) you know that I was having some inner conflict with myself and my editor and my need to conform and impress.  I’m going to let it sit for a while and work on a different story, one that makes me feel better about myself.  Back to a genre I know I’m good at. 

Not that I’m not going to try different genres, but a big problem with that first short story was I wasn’t comfortable with it to begin with, so when people started telling me what to change, I changed everything, and the story became something that I didn’t recognize.  Things that I wanted to be up to the reader, I felt like I had to give an answer for, when in reality, I had none.  Although, most of the critiques I was given were spot on and I liked and used to my advantage.

That’s all I’ve got.  I wish I had more, but my life pretty much consists of t.v., writing, and enduring the pain of my foot.  And sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

Talk to you guys next week.

2 thoughts on “A Hint Of Fear

  1. Patrick says:

    Weird. I saw you commenting on something I was also commenting on on Google+ and then found out you were a writer and ended up here, where I find that you are quite entertaining, so now I’m feeling like quite the clever fellow for finding you. Well, I suppose you can have some of the credit.


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