Foot Update And Other Things

I went to see my boss on Monday, who told me to go to the doctors.  The doctor told me that I did the right thing, go home and wrap it up.  No reason to go to the ER in the first place.  That night, I woke up with my foot in a puddle.  My blister popped.  Well, half of it, the other half popped on…some other day.  Now, my foot is “flat,” no big ball full of water.

When this first happened, I took a shower with my foot hanging out the shower door.  A few days later, I took a bath, and I stuck my foot in the water.  No big deal, the water was cool enough so as not to upset it.  Then I took a shower with the bandage on, which was no a good idea.  The bandage weighed on it from being soaked, and put pressure on it.  That hurt.  I added this just in case you wanted to know how I took a shower/bath with my foot being like this.  Now you know.

I can walk now, like a normal person.  Except for when my foot hurts and I, again, have to walk on my heel.  I can now sleep under my covers, because now that the blister is gone, I can put my foot on the side and the blister isn’t pulling the skin and putting pressure on my foot and being stupid (I was sleeping under blankets because they were lighter).

Aside from my foot, I’ve been writing.  I wrote a first person POV short story, two things I never do (I usually write half finished novels in third person).  I got some feedback on it and I’m working towards it being up to satisfaction for my readers, and then, who knows what I’ll do with it?

Well, that’s it for now.  Talk to you guys next week!

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