For the past…well, since June (eight months) I have been sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing.  One, because it was cold, and two, because I haven’t had a job.

Well, I had an interview earlier this week, which consisted of, “You’re working in the deli, when can you start?”  So, I started yesterday.  I didn’t go today because I couldn’t get out of the driveway (we just had snow).

It’s not bad!  I’m working with someone I know from highschool, so it’s been pleasant.  There are a couple more people I know from school who work in the front of the store too.  It’s nice to know people.

It’s not a hard job (yet?).  Apparently, summer is worse.  I guess I’ll see, now won’t I?  Anyway, that’s what’s going on.  Talk to you next week!

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