I Am More Than Your Adjectives

“She’s smart, cute, funny.”

Do you know what these adjectives are?  Generic, overused, boring.

I was watching The Bachelor the other day and the woman were described by these three words (sexy was thrown in there just for decoration).  And all I could think was, are all girls smart, cute, and funny?  Aren’t we more than that?

Dear guys, yes, we are more than your generic adjectives.  We got through school, so of course we’re smart (some would disagree with me here, but go with it).  You’re interested in us, so we have to be at least cute (physical appearance and/or personality).  And we will do at least one thing to make you laugh, therefore, we will be funny.

We’re smart, cute, and funny.  Ok, I get that, but what I don’t get is why you don’t see us as anything else…oh, you do see us as more, do you?

The adjectives you use to describe a woman to your friends matter.

We are not just smart, we are intelligent, bright, intuitive.

We are not just cute, we are beautiful, stunning, gorgeous.

We are not just funny, we are witty, hilarious, amusing.

Do you really want to impress people? Try using words like astute, exquisite, jocose (but make sure you know what these words mean, please).

Unless of course the woman you are dating/seeing/hanging out with on a regular basis is generic and boring, then by all means, please keep using the same words you used to describe the last girl you were dating/seeing/hanging out with.

We may never hear the words you use to describe us to your friends, and that’s fine. Whether or not we do, make us sound above average. Make us sound like an individual. Because we are.

(I know it sounds like I have an attitude. I don’t. I just want guys to expand their adjectives, and their perception of women).

2 thoughts on “I Am More Than Your Adjectives

  1. twothirdsrasta says:

    It makes me wonder how women describe men. I know men are often regarded as being shallow but it’d still be interesting to know how you – and women you know – describe the men in your/their lives.


    • sarahtheswan says:

      Well, there’s the, “tall, dark, and handsome” triad of adjectives, but women usually stick with hot, sexy, funny, tall/short.

      I will definitely have to pay more attention, and do a blog post for guys :).


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