My Mother’s Story

My mother fell again today.  She didn't have a seizer, but it did inspire this blog post.  This is per her request, so, enjoy! One upon a time, my mother was born.  And then right after that, she was put up for adoption.  Now in order for you to understand where this story is going, … Continue reading My Mother’s Story

Nothing To Tell

I've tried, dear reader.  I've tried to come up with something to write about.  But I can't think of anything of importance.  So, I have decided to write about the first few things that come to my head.  Here we go! It's been a week since Mom's fall.  We went back to where it all … Continue reading Nothing To Tell

I Am More Than Your Adjectives

"She's smart, cute, funny." Do you know what these adjectives are?  Generic, overused, boring. I was watching The Bachelor the other day and the woman were described by these three words (sexy was thrown in there just for decoration).  And all I could think was, are all girls smart, cute, and funny?  Aren't we more … Continue reading I Am More Than Your Adjectives