Tell Me More, Old Man

Old is subjective.  I use this word loosely, but at least you understand that he’s not 20 (I believe he is somewhere around 50, maybe 60).

I live on a lake.  I may not have lake property, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the view.  You know who else lives on the lake?  Authors.  And to my knowledge, a few of them. I went to the library to listen to one today (Thursday), and I learned a few things.  And I, being the generous person that I am, am here to share some of these things with you.  Enjoy!

I learned that I am a 50+ year old woman living in a 23 year old’s body.  I’ve always known that I got along better with older people because I was old school, but I didn’t know it was so extreme.  No wonder I live where I do, it’s old folk country out here.

“An ebook is not a book” he said.  A book is what you hold in your hand.  This may be the old way of thinking, but gosh darn it I agree…to an extant.  Maybe it’s just because I prefer the physical form rather than the kind I read on a screen.  I know ebook has “book” in the title, and a book is something that you read, but I like what he said, and I find some weight in his words.

We don’t have to remember where we left off in an ebook.  You just open up the program and you’re right at the word you left off on.  With a physical book, when you flip to the page, you have to remember where you were.  There’s no thinking involved with an ebook (unless you aren’t automatically taken to your spot and you have to scroll through the pages to find it…then forget this part).

Articles in magazines used to be 1,000+ words (which is around how many words most of my blog posts are).  These days, they’re shorter because we have short attention spans.  We can get things so fast now, that if we have to wait for something to load, or read something that’s long, we lose interest (no wonder I don’t get many views…it could be because I’m boring…nah).  We want short paragraphs, short sentences, and short words.  Or heck, skips the words, give me a meme.

I’m not afraid of not getting my book published, because you know what?  There will always be people who like to read books.  Long, 300 page, full of adventure and mystery and emotion, legit books.  If I have to do it myself, well then, so be it, but it will happen.

These are just a few things I learned.  I hope you learned something too.

Talk to you next week!

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