The Year Of The Book: How To Use The Power In Your Hands


21 Movies To Look Forward To In 2014
If you take a look at this list, books dominate the big screen. Mom’s reason? “Hollywood is running out of ideas. The script is already right there for them.”

And she’s right.

What does this mean for writers? Well I’ll tell ya: we can take over the world.

Think about it! We can take the book world by storm, people will read our books and we can enhance their imagination. And then, we can control the movies! We can bring to life our own imaginative creations. We can have it all!

But, we have to use this power wisely. There are two things we have to do:
1. Write with the possibility in mind that it might be picked up for a movie. So you have to write for the reader, but you also have to think of the viewer (that is, if you want your made into a movie).  You know how much you don’t like it when the movie does not match the book, and it’s your job to figure out how to make your book match the big screen. Do you care? If so, are you going to write your book in a way that it can translate well? Or are you going to write it, knowing that things will need to be changed and you’ll just have to make it believable?  If you don’t care, and you just want to write the book and hand it off to someone else to deal with, that’s fine too.  But you might spend five years slaving over a hot stove pile crumpled up paper with numerous mistakes, next to the “pen graveyard” that you’ve started, and you’re just going to not care about how it is portrayed?  You’ve spent five years with these characters, and you’re going to let them be seen how some director wants them seem?  You selfish, evil person you!  You just don’t care about them!  You just don-…

2. Take some pride in your work. Don’t be another Stephenie Meyer, with the bad acting and the bad writing (I can’t say much, she’s got a lot more money than I do). Be more Nicholas Sparks (I know his movies/books are cheesy, but come on, they’re better than Twilight). What am I trying to say? Take control of your book. It’s yours after all. Demand perfection, have a say in your creation (but be nice about it). I know Meyer did have a say, but…….

My point is, we hold a lot of power in our hands. Put out good quality work, work that you are proud of, work that makes a difference, that has meaning, that will be talked about. It may be seen, and not just read.

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