Tell Me More, Old Man

Old is subjective.  I use this word loosely, but at least you understand that he's not 20 (I believe he is somewhere around 50, maybe 60). I live on a lake.  I may not have lake property, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the view.  You know who else lives on the lake?  Authors.  … Continue reading Tell Me More, Old Man

Book Review: ‘Snapshot’ by Lis Wiehl

Snapshot is a fictional story based on a real picture. I'd give it four stars. Mom and I both read this book in two days (each), probably because nothing else is going on in our lives. But it's fairly easy to read. Most of the chapters are short (two to three pages), which is probably … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Snapshot’ by Lis Wiehl

The Year Of The Book: How To Use The Power In Your Hands

21 Movies To Look Forward To In 2014 If you take a look at this list, books dominate the big screen. Mom's reason? "Hollywood is running out of ideas. The script is already right there for them." And she's right. What does this mean for writers? Well I'll tell ya: we can take over the … Continue reading The Year Of The Book: How To Use The Power In Your Hands

Book Review: ‘Forgiveness’ by Matthew West

Matthew West has always been a story-teller, through music though.  "Next Thing You Know," off of his History album, is a story about himself.  But for his Into The Light album, he decided to go a different route. He had to have surgery that kept him silent for a year.  A singer who had to keep quiet...that's rough.  But … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Forgiveness’ by Matthew West