Last Post Of The Year

Well, this is my last post of the year, and like I said, I’ve got big plans for next year. Well, not big plans, more like medium sized plans. Yea, medium.

Here are two things I will try to do:
       At least one CD or book review a month (most likely a CD review)
       Share my own writing: I think it’s about time I start sharing, since I do want to be a writer (Short story Saturday/Sunday anyone?)
       Try to put a photo on each post, like I used to.

This year was all about me sharing what was going on in my life. You got to read all about my adventure with my grandma, moving from Tennessee to Virginia, and the journey that Mom and I went on. I think next year I’ll post more of my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I’ll read posts on Facebook and think, “I should really write about that,” but I felt so stuck by my “theme” and laziness and I just passed by it. At least with this next year, I feel like I’ll have more freedom about what I will allow myself to write. I know, my blog my rules, but I’d like to have some consistency in my life.

This will be the year of writing. Sharing what I write, and writing about what I share. Maybe I can finally get my 2012 NaNo story done, huh? That would be exciting, I know my characters would love that.

Thank you to everyone who has gone though everything with me. Can you believe it’s already been a year and a half since I started this blog? I can’t. But I am so excited to start this next year.

See you on the other side!

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