I Don’t Feel Any Different



This is my third Bob Ross painting (12/13/13)

Yesterday was my birthday (yay).  I never feel like it’s my birthday because I never do anything different from other days.  Mom took me to see Frozen (which was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while).  Rachel’s mom from Glee was the voice of the “ice” sister, and she did an amazing job on Let It Go.  Anyway, after that I got some fabric from Jo Ann’s to make a blanket.  It’s orange.  I don’t like orange, but I like this orange.  Then I ate.  That was my birthday.  Nothing different.

And today I painted this picture.  I started off not following the “rules” so I pretty much did whatever the heck I wanted.  I wasn’t supposed to have a blue bush, but I have one.  I wasn’t supposed to have fog, but I have fog.  The house/barn was supposed to be on the left side, so I put it on the right.  I was supposed to have grass and lavender bushes around the path, I put blue grass instead.  Everyone else’s was so cluttered and green and full of stuff.  I said screw it and went into my own little world.

In other news, I got my first pair of leggings…

I’ve got big things planned for the new year.  Big things!  Ok, no, not big things, I don’t want to lie.  I don’t really have that much planned for the new year.  I’d like to say I do, but I don’t.

Alright, well, back to whatever I was doing.  Talk to you next week.

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