I’m Thankful For Potato Chips And Cottage Cheese

Because that’s what I had for Thanksgiving.

Mom and I aren’t big meal people.  We didn’t do anything but watch t.v. and lay in bed.  Happy Thanksgiving!

I painted another Bob Ross painting (I promise, next week I’ll show you guys).  My mother decided to join me this time.  We had to do mountains, and they pissed us off.  Until, of course, we added the trees.  After that, I enjoyed it.

Absolutely nothing else is going on.  I wish I could tell you that my life is absolutely exhilarating, and I can’t remember everything I’ve done.  When really, all I’ve done is watch t.v. and lay in bed and try and figure out the back story of my characters (thank you R.J. for your help, yet again).

How was your Thanksgiving?

Oh yea!  I won NaNoWriMo, yet again.  Woo.

Alright, talk to you guys next week.

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