New Artwork

A painting I painted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

A painting I painted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The ladies at my grandma’s church have been pushing Mom and I to take an art class they host once a month.  Since Grandma was sick, we couldn’t get out of the house to attend it.  But, I was finally able to go this Wednesday.  It was Bob Ross painting class, taught be a certified Bob Ross painting instructor.  There were about 15 of us, give or take.  They were so excited to see me.  I grew up around most of them, and the ones I did, visited Grandma.  For twenty years I have been coming down here, so for twenty years I’ve gone to that church.  I really like some of them.

So, let me tell you about my experience.  I was actually really nervous because I’ve never actually painted before.  You know, other than when I was 2 when I painted a few lines and my mother gushed over how amazing it was.  Actually, I never painted, I drew and colored.  But anyway!

The first part we painted was the orange.  Darker on top and lighter as you go down.  At first it looked strange, just sitting in the middle of the canvas.  Next was the sky and ground.  Now I was worried.  What if it wasn’t dark enough?  What if it wasn’t light enough?  Judy, the instructor, had the painting there that we were copying off of, but I never looked at it.  In fact, I didn’t even see it at first, so I had no idea what I was even painting.  The lady next to me practically painted everything around the orange the shade of blue in the upper right hand corner.  It was dark.

And then we had to do the white around the clouds.  That went well.  Next were the bushes.  At first I didn’t think I put in enough (I added the bottom right hand corner very last.  It looked very weird with it being empty).  Then the snow.  The snow I had a hard time with.  It kept becoming blue snow.  I forgot to wipe off my brush, so the white paint on my paper became blue and it was just a mess.  But, I finally got it.

That church almost took us two hours to paint.  First, we had to stencil it on there.  Then we had to blend, then paint.  No one liked their steeple.  “It’s disappearing,” one said, while another yelled, “It’s shrinking.”  Judy had to go around to almost everyone to help them find their steeple and shape it.  I left mine.  It’s a lot shorter and fatter than it’s supposed to be (I just say that the snow is piling around it.  Hey, it’s my painting!).  The thing next to the church is a car.  Next were the trees.  I wanted to put in one more, but I didn’t know where to put it.  That third tree just wouldn’t fit anywhere.  Trees are fun to make.  It’s not hard, and there are no mistakes.

And then I added the glitter.  It was a really nice last-minute touch.  Snow does glitter, does it not?

It’s oil based paint, so there really was no way of messing up.  Just add a little white, or smudge it with your finger.  No big deal!  Everything you think is a mistake can totally be fixed.  The dark spot underneath my church was big, and very dark.  It ruined my whole vibe!  I just added some bushes, added a little white to make it lighter, and added just a hint of orange.  And then, the tire tracks (which can only barely be seen because more snow has fallen and it has covered them up some).

I must say, I love it!  I love my happy little trees and happy little bushes.  I’m surprised that I’m so happy with it, because I’m critical of myself.  Anything I draw, or take a picture of, I find fault.  But this painting is awesome!  I look at it all the time and am in awe of how awesome I did.  It is hanging up in the living room so Mom and I can both look over at it.  And, when the sun shines in the room, the glitter shows up really well.

I had a lot of fun, and I might do it again next month.  Mom might even come!

Other than my painting, Mom and I have been cleaning out the house.  Antiques are gone, one of Grandma’s friends came over and took some to sell.  All of Grandma’s clothes are gone, since we took everything out of the closet and moved our clothes in there (it’s much bigger than ours).  We are definitely making it our house.  Oh, I even hung up some posters in my room downstairs.  I have rearranged that room about three or four times.  It’s coming together.  I have one more wall clear, I just need to organize my posters so they fit perfectly.  I love it so far.

And that’s it!  I will talk to you guys next Friday!

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