Falling Prolongs The Homecoming

Grandma was supposed to come home on Tuesday (the 23rd) but she fell and fractured her back (a compact fracture), so, we’re hoping for next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Next Thursday she has an “ALS appointment” which is probably going to last all day.  There are going to be multiple therapists evaluating her.  See, ALS is not a disease that doctors know a lot about, so any information they can get from the people who have it, they’re going to get.  I don’t know what information they’re going to give us, if they even give us any.

Mom and I went back to Tennessee and got all moved in on Monday, because we thought Grandma was coming home.  Dad told me he would drive down and help us move.  Well, he texted me and told me his muffler fell off of his truck.  I texted him later to ask him if he got it fixed, and he never answered me.  He still hasn’t answered me.  Oh well…?

It’s very hard going in to see Grandma, telling her that she’s coming home in a day or two, only to find out that she has fallen and she’s not coming home.  It’s very hard to see her in the condition that she is in.

Oh well, one day at a time, right?  I do hope that she comes home soon.  This, all of this, really sucks.

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