Don’t Scare Me Like That

“What’s that for?” Mom asked.  “In case you go to surgery” the nurse said as she inserted a needle into my mom’s arm.  We looked at each other.  Surgery.  It was not a word that I wanted to hear at this time.  It was now very scared, and I was not afraid to show it.

Abdominal pain, and lots of it.  So much pain that Mom could hardly stand up.  No, in fact, she couldn’t stand up.  All she could do was lay down on her side.  Well, not the side that had a rash on it.  Oh wait, is that shingles?  So, major abdominal pain, shingles, and her mother in rehab with ALS?  Yes, that’s the life of my mother.  Can she ever get a break?  No, she never has before, why start now?

Three days later when the pain was only getting worse, off to the doctor we went.  Then up to the emergency room because the doctor did not like the x-ray she saw.  “There could be a cancerous mass” she suggested.

Surgery was talked about, cancer was talked about, but in the end, all it was, was constipation.  Mom and I both suffer from it from time to time, but this time it just did not want to come out.  Mom’s better, by the way.  The shingles are drying up.

Grandma is still in the hospital.  We don’t know why.  We don’t know anything.  It sucks.  We also have no internet at home, which sucks too.  I can’t do anything I planned on doing, like helping someone edit their story which I can’t get to because it’s on my e-mail.  I can’t upload videos or update people on Facebook and Google+.  Twitter is the only place I can do that, and no one cares.

Well, that’s that.  Life is pretty blah right now.  Except, well, going to the emergency room and being scared with surgery.  Sheesh.

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