Falling Prolongs The Homecoming

Grandma was supposed to come home on Tuesday (the 23rd) but she fell and fractured her back (a compact fracture), so, we’re hoping for next Tuesday or Wednesday.  Next Thursday she has an “ALS appointment” which is probably going to last all day.  There are going to be multiple therapists evaluating her.  See, ALS is … Continue reading Falling Prolongs The Homecoming

A Crumbling Foundation

"I'm coming home on Monday" Grandma told Mom and I.  We looked at each other and, internally, rolled our eyes.  The next day, we went in and talked to the social worker.  "Mom is telling me that you told her she's coming home" Mom told him.  "Yea, Monday or Tuesday" he told us.  Shock.  Um, … Continue reading A Crumbling Foundation

My Life Is A Soap Opera

“I have a theory,” Grandma started.  “Wise words are about to be spoken” Mom said as she looked over at me.  “No,” Grandma replied, “this is going to shock you.”  Mom snickered.  “Ok.”  Grandma turned her head to look out the window.  “I think Bob loved Aunt Barbara more.”  Grandma began.  “He thought she was … Continue reading My Life Is A Soap Opera