Story Idea?

I have this story idea.  I can’t tell you, because it’s a secret…to everyone.

More specifically, the ending.

I got the idea from a song.  Hey, “there’s nothing original” right?  Well anyway, I was playing the story in my head (because that’s what I do, pretend it’s a movie).  And I thought, “How do I change this?  How do I make it more exciting?”

I have been wanting to write a mystery for a while.  But I realized, I don’t have to write a mystery, per se, like a “find the hidden treasure,” or the classic, “who killed so-and-so?”  Now you know a little bit more about where my story is heading.

It hit me.  The ending.  I told my mother (ok, so it’s not a secret to everyone), and she loved it.  I think I’ve got a real winner here.

Now just to start it.  I’ve had this idea for weeks, and still, no words on paper.

But, that’s me.

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