I Told Him

When I first started working at this other Dollar General, I had a couple of weeks to get to know the people before Neighbor started working there.  After realizing that they were very laid back people and didn’t rush and had a certain pace about them, I knew they were not going to like him.

So, I told him.

I warned him, Mom warned him, but I didn’t think he was going to change the way he is.  I knew he was going to continue being hyper, and type A, and all that.  He likes to get stuff done, he likes to see results, he doesn’t like it when people stand around on the job.  I get it, that’s him, that’s the way he thinks, and I have had the privilege of getting to know him for the past six months, and learning the way that he is and learning what he wants out of an employee.

Well people, no one likes him.

Everyone knows that he is my neighbor, and yet they still come to me and tell me what they really think of him (but, then again, I told them I wouldn’t tell Neighbor what they say, because I already said it before he came, so there’s no use in reminding him).  I feel bad, but all I can do is shrug my shoulders and tell them, “That’s him.”

No, really, that’s him.  That’s his personality, that’s the person I have been working with.  And I tell them that.  I tell them who they are working with, and that that’s that.

Some people aren’t happy because he’s pushing them.  Honestly, would you like to go into a store and see employees standing around, doing nothing, every time you walk in there?

He is an assistant manager who actually does stuff.  The manager before the new one let everyone get away with doing things.  And now Neighbor comes in and gets stuff done, which is a good thing because, honestly, no one else does.  No, seriously, Manager and Neighbor are the only two people who get stuff done (except for a couple of other people who get stuff done two days out of the week.  The other five?  I don’t know).

The leads, also known as “key holder” (the position between full-time employe and assistant) stand up at the register.  Now, I know that it’s easier to do that because they have more privileges than the other people, but, they are the ones who can do planograms, set sales, take care of paperwork, etc.  You know, other stuff that the assistant shouldn’t have to always worry about.  If they stand at the register all day, then they don’t know what the other employees are doing.  They should be recovering (pulling all of the items in the store forward, to the edge of the shelf), but how would they know?

Where was I going with this?

Oh yea, people aren’t happy.  They haven’t had someone come up in there and tell them to do stuff.

But, I want to tell you what someone said to me that has stuck with me for a few days.

“He should be managing the store, he shouldn’t be managing people.”

I don’t know how I feel about this.

On the one hand, yes, she’s right.  He’s telling people to do things, he’s trying to make sure they’re doing something so he doesn’t have to constantly check up on them.

On the other hand, the employees are the store.  He is a very good worker, he has gotten more done in the past month that he’s been there, than the manager before the new one did in the whole time she was there… I think.  I don’t know, I just know that it looks a lot better since he’s been there.

If someone is doing what he has asked them to do, he won’t have to constantly worry about if they’re working or not.  And if he’s not worrying about that, he can focus on his work.  And if he can focus on his work, then he’ll get it done faster and he can move on to something else that needs to get done.

All in all, people are leaving, people aren’t happy, and Neighbor is just being himself.  He should care about that, but people should understand he’s not going to change. 


So, that’s what’s going on.  There is one girl there that is totally like me.  Neighbor and I both like her, and she likes him, and she’s a really great worker.  So, at least we have that.

Alright, that’s all for now.  I will talk to you all again next Friday!

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