There’s A Second Level To My Dream

My dream is to publish a book.  I want to walk into a bookstore and see my book on a bookshelf.  That is my dream.  I can publish it digitally, but that’s not my dream.  My dream is to hold it, a physical copy.

But there is a part two, to my dream.

I want to tour with a band or artist, for at least a year, and write about them.

This still includes writing, and music.  My two loves (other than Jesus and my mother and my cat, but, I’m sure you understood that…  Hey, that rhymed!)

I want to be a merchandise manager.  What is that?  I tour with/work for the band/artist and I take care of their merchandise (count, set up, sell, order, etc.)  That is my dream job.  But my dream is to write a book, but my second level dream is to write about someone (or the band as a whole, if I go with a band).

See?  Writing and music.  My dreams all fit together.  If I ever become a merchandise manager, I can write about them (with their permission, of course).  Even if I don’t become an MM (not Majora’s Mask), I can still be with them (and help out, when I’m not busy).

This is what I want.  I want this.  I want all of this.  Some more than others.

“Who do you want to write about?  What kind of artist/band?”

You all know I’m a fan of Christian music.  But, I think it would be awesome if I could write about a mainstream artist (if I went mainstream, I’d stick to one person.  If I went with Christian music, I’d pick either).  I’m not saying I’m opposed to mainstream bands though.  Please, don’t get me wrong.


There aren’t a lot of mainstream bands that I like (nope, not even One Direction, but, they’re not a band).  And I know what you’re thinking:

“Would you just write about the singer?  What about the band?  They need love too!”

Are you kidding me?  Of course I’d write about the band!  In relation to the lead singer.

“Do you want to write a biography?”

No, more like an observation.  How they are when no one is watching (other than me…sometimes…).  I’d write about their life, but I wouldn’t start off with when they were born.  I’d use their life as a foundation, and include it if it influences what they do (song writing, decision-making, etc.)  You know, kind of like a documentary.

You know what would be so cool?  If someone was open to this idea, and they were willing to be this open, and allow their openness with be shared and written down and “seen” (read) by people.

I’d kind of be like Andrew Jenks, but in written form.  Do you know who Andrew Jenks is?  MTV’s “World of Jenks”?  If not, please educate yourself:

And that is what my blog post is about, me realizing that I can take my dreams one step farther and find a way to fit them together!

Now all that’s left is to do something about it…

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