When Good Gifts Go Bad

I’m reading a book right now called gods at war, which I will be doing a review of as soon as I finish it.  But there is a line in there that inspired me to write this blog post:

[…] gifts are turned into gods.

Have you ever been so proud of something that you’re good at, that you turn it into something of a god?  Or, do you know anyone who does this?  “I’m so funny, people love me so much because I’m so funny.”  “I am the best singer in the world, that’s why I’m so popular.”  Well, I’ve got news for you:

God withholds his blessing in the very areas in which we lift up false gods.*

Most of you probably don’t believe in God.  I get that, and I respect it.  But, I also know that you respect my beliefs.  Let’s continue.

Have you ever been like that and then suddenly noticed that you’re not so good at it anymore?  Inspiration has left you?  People start to get bored with you and think you’re just average?  You sit and work on something that you don’t find fun anymore?  (Or, apply these questions to the person you know.)  If you aren’t like this, or you don’t know anyone like this, then good for you.  Keep reading though, just in case you ever do end up like this…er, I mean, just in case you ever meet someone like this, because we both know you’ll never change into this type of person (my sarcasm is extremely high today).


I used to pride myself on the fact that I’m an awesome writer.  See that word, pride?  Seems like “writing” was my god at the time.  Yea, I know that my writing abilities come from God, but I always focused on myself writing when I wrote.  There soon came a time when I didn’t write at all.  And if I did, I hated it.  In fact, I hate almost everything I write, now.  If I write something good, I know it’s not from me, because I am not that good.  Oh no.  I just write because I am good at it, because this talent comes from Him.  Heck, He gave me the idea for this blog post in the first place.  certainly didn’t come up with it.  I had no idea what I was going to write about.

Gifts are a good thing.  They are!  There’s nothing wrong with being good at something.  But it starts to become bad when we change our priorities about it.  Is our gift higher in our worship than something that deserves more?  What does worshiping our gift give us?  Is that better?  Does it last?  Are we satisfied?  Or do we know that something else can benefit us more, but we don’t want to focus on that, and focus on something “easier” to focus on?

The trick is to find out the answers to these questions.  For Christians, God is the answer.  I mean, He gives us all of these things to begin with, right?  But for those of you who are not Christians, go back to the basics.  What has stuck around the longest?  What stays with you no matter what?  Family?  Friends?  Your cat/dog/bird/fish/animal of choice?

Be careful about what you worship.  Be careful about what you invest your time into.  Be careful about the things that grab your attention.  Be aware of these things.

We all do it.  We all “worship” something, maybe even multiple things.  Just be aware of what they are, and figure out if it’s healthy or not.  If it’s not, at least you know that, and you can fix it.

I now don’t pride myself on being a good writer.  In fact, I’m not.  I’m ok at it, some would say I am a great writer.  But it’s just something that I love to do.  I’m looking for more things that I am good at, so I don’t have to say, “I’m only good at writing, so I have to focus only on that.”  I have to find other things, to get my attention off of my pride.  I’m going through a tough time right now.  I don’t feel like I’m good at anything.  That’s probably my god right now, the god of belonging, the god of “fitting in.”  The god of being good at something.  That’s why I have my bucket list.  That’s why I’m doing things I have never done before.  Maybe one of those things will help me.  I do feel like God had put the things into my head to put on the list though.  So, He’s still there.  I give Him the energy I put into these things.  Does that make sense?

Be careful, be aware, and know that if someone judges you on worshiping a “god”, they worship a “god” also.  It could quite possibly be the “god of holiness.”

No, just…no.

Have a good day everyone!  Thanks for reading!

*Why would God bless the area a false god is in?  (That’s what that sentence is saying, just letting you know.)

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