March 1st- Get Out Of There


Happy March 1st everyone!  Here are some stories:

1. My cat likes to go outside when I open the door to talk to my neighbor.  My mom and I both have tried to make him stop, because one time, he almost ran away.  Well, the other day, he went outside and my upstairs neighbor was walking her dog, and Shadow (the dog) didn’t have on a leash.  One minute Shasta (my cat) is on the stairs, the next minute he’s running into the apartment, followed by Shadow.  What?!  So I run into the room to find Shasta backed into the corner with Shadow standing there, staring at him.  I see Shasta take off towards the window, and… yes, into the blinds.  There he is, hanging there for dear life, hissing at Shadow, who is now hunched into the corner that Shasta was just in.  The neighbor came in and took Shadow away, and as I tried to calm Shasta down and tell him the dog was gone, he still hung onto the blinds.  And no, he hasn’t gone outside since.

2. As you may know, a lot of drama has been going on at work.  My neighbor had gotten sick (flu, strep throat, and a double ear infection) and so my mother had to drive me to work.  I told my manager’s “right hand man” (who is a girl, I just don’t know what else to call her) that I had a ride for the rest of the week.  It didn’t matter, my manager took me off of the schedule for five days.  Five days?!  I have a ride!  Rent is going up and I have student loans to pay for, I can’t be off for five days!  So, I gave my manager my two-weeks notice.  “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.  You do good work.”  Yes, Manager, I know this.  But, you want to indirectly punish me and play games with me, and I don’t feel like being apart of it.  See, I said that once everyone else is gone, and if I stay, the “attention” would be put on my to get me to get out of there.  Well, it’s already happening, and I’m making it easier on them.  Two more weeks here, guys.

3. Whenever a guy asks me for my phone number, or gives me his, or asks me out on a date or something to that effect, I usually just smile and shrug and say, “Let me think about it” or “Ask again some other time.”  I’m so tired of it.  Why can’t I just say “no.”  No, I will never call them.  No, I will never go out on a date with them.  No, I am not interested in you.  Well, it turns out it’s easier than I thought.  This guy I met when I first started working there came in today and was flirting with me like crazy.  “Give me your number, maybe we can go out sometime” said the old guy going through a divorce who has two kids.  “No, I won’t be here for much longer” I replied.  And “no” I kept saying.  He finally left, but not before giving me his number.  It was kind of liberating, like it gave me confidence to be more honest with guys.  I think it’s because all of the rants on YouTube I’ve been watching…

It has been a very eventful couple of days.  I must say, I’m excited to be leaving that place.  I already have a job lined up after I get out of there.  The manager before this one actually works at a store closer to where I am, and I called her today and asked her if I could come work for her.  She said, in a round-about way, that yes, I can work at her store.  So it’s not like I won’t have a job.

That’s all for today.  Until next Friday, have a wonderful week!

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