“How’s That Bucket List Coming Along?”

I just told my friends over on Google+ that I have a bucket list.  Can you call it a bucket list for a 22-year-old?  I believe you can, there still may not be a tomorrow for someone so young.

Anyway, yes, I mentioned that I have a bucket list.  And wonderful Mrs. Leslie Richards over here suggests a site called Day Zero.  I really like having the list someplace where I can easily add new things, and find out what I already have on it.

“Why do you have a bucket list?”

I want to do things.  Lots of things.  Here’s a snippet of what I wrote to all of my wonderful friends:


I have a bucket list.  On it are a bunch of stupid stuff I want to do, just because everyone else is doing it (safe things, only safe things).  The reason being, I want to try new things.  I want to do what they do so I know what they go through when they do these things.  Is it hard?  Is it easy?  Am I good at it?  What type of person should do this?  I’m trying to “expand my talents” if you will, to see if I have any.

I just want to do things once.  I want to be able to know that, that other thing isn’t for me.  I know for sure that I’m not good at that, instead of wondering if there was something out there that I was good at.

I have a bucket list because I’m tired of doing the same thing every day: nothing.  I’m just tired of my life, and I want to throw in something new every now and then.

“Why have you chosen now to make/do things on the list?”

This year started off strange.  If you don’t remember, it started off with me saying that it was my fault every bad thing had happened to my mother and since we moved it.  This year then went on to my wanting to open up to people more, making this blog here more like a journal.  Well, now it has gone on to, “I want to see if I’m good at anything.”  It’s a very strange year, and it’s going to be filled with interesting things.

“What’s on this list?”

Good question.  So far, I have 12 things on my list that I want to accomplish.  Some of these include:

  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Finish my book (2012 NaNo)
  • Make and upload my own music
  • Write about my experience trying new things
  • Self publish a book

There are more that I have yet to add to the list.  But in the meantime, this will do.

“Have you started on anything?”

Yes I have!  The very first thing I added to the list was Upload four videos to YouTube.  I have 29 videos up now.  Why just upload four?

I have been addicted to YouTube lately  for a long time now, and I love watching vloggers (also known as ranters, because that’s all they do.  They rant).  I love everything about vlogging, and I love the people who do it (well).  I have always wanted to try it.  Getting in front of the camera, and talking.  But not stopping right there, I still have to upload it.  I feel like, since I added it to the list, I have to do it now.

Gosh was it tough!  My very first video was horrendous.  I talked about clothes and how they made other people perceive the people wearing them.  My second video was horrible.  I talked about how I can’t talk.  My third video wasn’t too bad.  It took me two days to record it, but it’s not horrendous or horrible.  It’s just…bad.  I talked about the five things you need to be/do to be a YouTuber.  I had a lot of fun recording that one.

It got easier, let me say.  And I’m starting to love doing it.  I cannot wait to record my last video (last?  Hmmm).

And, number 10, Write about my experience trying new things.  I have also started on that too.  I’m going to be writing about everything that I feel and do and think while in the process of doing all of what is on my bucket list.

Number 5, Make one dubstep track.  That’s not going well, but I did get a cool drum sound.

“Do you have a time limit?”

The list on the site has given me a time limit.  1,001 days.  I have until November 12th, 2015 to finish what is on it.  But, as for me giving myself a time limit, no, I don’t have one.  Just accomplish something.  That’s all I ask of myself.

Well, there you have it.  That’s what’s going on in my life right now.  Just thought you all might want to know.

And no, I have not uploaded the videos yet.  I will upload one a week in March.  It’s just an experiment.  We’ll see how things go from there.


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