A Bad Case Of ‘Animal Farm’

Have you ever read ‘Animal Farm’?  If not, well, let me just say that “the leader left” and “the next one in line is screwing things up.”

So, my boss got transferred.  The new boss is…well, the “second leader.”  Read the book and you’ll understand.

She is writing “everyone up for everything” (quoted from her).  See, I don’t even know how to explain this.  She wants everyone out so she can bring in new people.  Why does she want everyone out?  I don’t know, we haven’t done anything to her.  Her and her right hand person are so mean and they play games and I want to be out of there before the attention is turned on me.  Right now, nothing is being done or said to me.  But, she is saying a bunch of stuff to the assistant manager, my neighbor, so I feel like she is also saying stuff to me.  My friends call me Muriel for a reason.  I can read the signs.  I need to get out of there before things get worse.  It’s pretty bad so far.

For example: there was this lady there who had the same schedule for about two years.  She had that schedule so she could take her son to school and pick him up.  Well, new boss comes in and changes her schedule.  Lady gets mad because she can’t take care of her son.  New boss doesn’t like Lady’s attitude, so she transfers Lady to another store.

Really?  Really?

And Neighbor, who is full-time and should get 40 hours, barely gets 35.  So, he goes over to another store to pick up more hours, and New Boss tells him he needs permission (over the phone).  But face-to-face, “If you’re not scheduled, you don’t need permission.”  She literally told Neighbor, “I can play games too” and then tries to pull one on him the other day.  The District Manager is trying to keep Neighbor at the store because he doesn’t want to lose him.  Well, it’s a half an hour away, and Neighbor has been asking to be transferred to a closer store.  So Mr. DM plays a bunch of tricks on Neighbor to keep him from leaving (and they’re working, let me tell you).  There’s so much more that I’m not telling you, and that’s only because I don’t want to bombard you with extra stuff.  I think what I’ve said already is enough.

I’m just fed up.  I need to get off of this farm.  I applied for another job today, and even if I don’t get it, I have a feeling I’ll be quitting soon.  I’ll just apply at the store with my old boss.

Well, that’s what’s going on at the moment.

I went to Winter Jam on Saturday, and then Mom and I went to Kentucky to go to the Rock and Worship Road Show.  That was much better than WJ.  It was our first time, and I have a feeling we’ll be going again.

Well, that’s it for now.  I will talk to you all next week.

No, I did not get the job.


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