I Don’t Like History…Except For This Kind

Happy February 1st everyone!

August 18th, 2012.  That’s when this book became available to order.  And I did just that.  A little over five months later, fifteen minutes before I had to leave for work, I held it in my hands, the only “history book” I will ever love reading: Hyrule Historia.  This four pound beauty is stuffed to the brim with beautiful Zelda information that every Zelda fanatic (like myself) has been wanting since their first Zelda game.  My heart started to beat faster as I made my way past the pages leading up to the history, the broken down version of the official timeline.  I flipped through those pages, past the pictures, past the descriptions of the events of the game, thinking, I can’t read this, I’m too tired.  I have to go to bed.  I won’t get the full effect. Read it when you’re more awake, read it when you know it will sink in deeper and take root in your soul and fill you with ‘ah’s and ‘aw’s and ‘OMG’s.  Wait, it will be worth it.  

So yea, I got Hyrule History yesterday.  It may not be the limited edition one, but by God, I have it in my hands!  It’s beautiful, inside and out.  All that’s left to complete this Zelda puzzle is the Zelda Re-orchrastrated, orchestral rendition of Twilight Princess, also known as, the Twilight Symphony.  Shipping started on the 25th, so I expect an e-mail any day now.

In other news, I have yet to touch on my vacation that I went on last week.  I went to Virginia to visit my grandma, who fell and hit her head, and now she has memory and speech problems.  She called us and said that she wanted us to move in with her.  After vacation, she said she didn’t want us there.  Her doctor and her friends say it’s a good idea that we be there, but the family doesn’t want us to.

It’s hard to decide if we are going to move in or not.  Grandma is a lot more cool than she used to be.  She’s laid back and witty and more on our level.  On the other hand, she doesn’t want us there…when she’s better, of course.  But see, she got better because we were there.  I don’t think she realizes that, though.

As for me, I did a lot of writing.  I had started a “song” (poem with a melody) for a friend before I left, and I finished it.  Although, it ends on a rather sad note.  I told myself not to write sad stuff anymore, or at least, one thing.  I wanted this to be the one thing.  Nope.  (I have to go back and revise it, my friend doesn’t deserve such sadness).  I started a short story…twice.  I can’t decide how I want it written, so I don’t know how to write/word it.  It’s alright for now, but it needs work.  I didn’t do as much as I wanted to, but I did enough.

I want to move, but I don’t.  Mom doesn’t want to move either.  But, she doesn’t want to sign another year lease and have something bad happen to Grandma.  We both want to be there for her, but we don’t want what happened before to happen again (live with Grandma when she doesn’t want us there).  So, it’s still kind of iffy.

That’s all for this week.  Hopefully next week I’ll have a video up of Shasta’s visit to Grandma’s house.  It was supposed to be done yesterday, but I just didn’t have the patience to deal with it.  Oh well.

Have a great week, and I’ll talk to you next Friday!  Or sooner, if we talk on Google+ or Facebook.  But, you get the point.

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