“How’s That Bucket List Coming Along?”

I just told my friends over on Google+ that I have a bucket list.  Can you call it a bucket list for a 22-year-old?  I believe you can, there still may not be a tomorrow for someone so young. Anyway, yes, I mentioned that I have a bucket list.  And wonderful Mrs. Leslie Richards over here … Continue reading “How’s That Bucket List Coming Along?”

A Bad Case Of ‘Animal Farm’

Have you ever read 'Animal Farm'?  If not, well, let me just say that "the leader left" and "the next one in line is screwing things up." So, my boss got transferred.  The new boss is...well, the "second leader."  Read the book and you'll understand. She is writing "everyone up for everything" (quoted from her). … Continue reading A Bad Case Of ‘Animal Farm’

I Don’t Like History…Except For This Kind

Happy February 1st everyone! August 18th, 2012.  That's when this book became available to order.  And I did just that.  A little over five months later, fifteen minutes before I had to leave for work, I held it in my hands, the only "history book" I will ever love reading: Hyrule Historia.  This four pound … Continue reading I Don’t Like History…Except For This Kind