How can we fit when we’re but jagged edges?

How can we blend when we’re on different stages?

I don’t know how it happened, but I started talking to a girl named Tiffany.  I know that it was Anthem Lights that brought us together, maybe it was because I tweeted them or something, but I remember she tweeted me and we just started talking. She lived in California at the time, and I, of course, lived here in Tennessee.  Well, turns out that she wanted to move here to pursue music (Christian music, to be exact).

Well, she moved here and as excited as I was, I never knew how we were going to meet.  I believe she moved here a little before I left school, and after I left school I got a job and blah-de-blah.

Well!  I had two tickets to go see a concert: one for my mom, and one for myself.  My mom was out-of-town and I had no idea who I was going to go with.  UNTIL, I remembered, that Tiffany was going.  So, I asked her if she knew anyone who wanted to go, and who was willing to drive me (I was at work that day).  Indeed, she did know someone.  Her mom.  After figuring everything out, I finally got to meet Tiffany, along with her sister Amanda and her mom, Amy.

After the concert, we all realized that I was a mix of Amanda and Tiffany.  Amanda is edgy and is quiet.  She likes the heavier side of Christian music, which I absolutely love,  We definitely had that in common.  Tiffany likes more of the pop, laid back side of Christian music.  Again, I absolutely love laid back Christian music.  Tiffany is very bubbly and happy (not that Amanda isn’t), but not overbearing and annoying.  I was welcomed very fast into their family.

My hours got cut at work, and I went from two days to three days off.  Tiffany’s hours got cut also.  Well, she decided to let me know that she wanted to hang out.  I decided to tell her that was a fantastic idea (it had been too long, in my opinion).  We realized that we both had the same days off.  I was so excited, so I told her I would be over Wednesday (this past Wednesday, just so you know).  I decided to walk because Mom had yet to come home and it was getting dark and I just couldn’t wait.

So, I showed up at five o’clock.  She sat in a chair, I sat on the couch, and eleven and a half hours later, our conversation had ceased.  Yep, you got it, we talked for eleven and a half hours.  Now, I knew that we were alike from our first encounter, but good Lord Jesus, I didn’t realize we were twins!  I can’t explain any of it to you, though.  It’s unexplainable.  We like the same music, we have gone through kind of similar situations, we have felt the same feelings, so we knew what the other person was talking about when they described things (which is crazy, because sometimes I feel like no one can understand me).

As I was learning about her, I would think, Wow, we’re alike, but we’re so totally different.  She is totally on fire for God, which pleases me to no end because most of my friends are not Christians, or if they are, they don’t live like they are (which I have never had, nor do I now have, a problem with).  The way we’re different though is, she thinks ahead, and she’s very careful about what she does now.  She thinks about the future and prepares for it, where as I think about now and tell the future to prepare for me.  No, neither of these are a bad thing, or the wrong way to live.  We’re both doing just fine, we have never gotten into any trouble or anything like that.  That’s just the way we are.

And yet, we fit.  We get along great, we understand each other, we act like we’re best friends (which we are now, by the way).  Two different people with more in common than not.  Although, what we don’t have in common is pretty substantial.  I have gone through things that she, thank you Jesus, never has to go through, and she is going through things that I don’t plan on going through*.  We balance each other out, and that’s what makes us fit.

*Maybe God has other plans

I praise God that it all happened the way it did.  She is such a light, and a breath of fresh air and I can see us being friends for a very, very long time, if not forever.

Tiffany is pretty awesome, and I can’t wait to see what comes with this new-found friendship.

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