Life Update

No, this will not be a, “It’s the end of the year, let me reflect on it” blog post (at least, not yet).  I just feel like I haven’t talk to you guys in a while, with NaNoWriMo taking up my Friday posts for the past month.


Yes, my birthday is coming up.  I never dread it.  I don’t look my age, nor do I act it, therefore, I just don’t care.


Yes, NaNo is done.  And yes, I am still working on it (although I wasted these past three days off because I just could not get my fingers to the keyboard and start typing.  Stupid procrastination).  I love my story though.


I have, indeed, entered it into a contest.  I have a month to finish it, if I do pass onto the next round.  You will vote for me, won’t you?  (By the way, I think I can do it).


Yes.  It is the concert I have been waiting for, for the past…I don’t know, four or five months.  Next week, man!  Next week!  I’m very excited about this.


I don’t like clothes.  I’m not the type of girl to go, “Hey!  Let’s go to the mall!”  In fact, if I did go to the mall to shop, I’d be done in five minutes (if not less).  Not because I have found something, but because I would be tired and bored.  With that being said,  I love watching Project Runway.  I love looking at all of those clothes.  And I have been looking at all of these neat t-shirt designs that I can do myself and I want to.  What?  And, Mom has told me that next week on a day when we both have it off, she wants to go…you guessed it, shopping.  But not at a mall, which I can handle.

This is funny to me, because I have been thinking lately, “I want some new clothes.  I want to look really cute in some stylish clothes.”  But the thing is, 4-5 days a week I dress in a black shirt and black pants for work.  And then, when I have the day off, I sit at home in my sweat pants.  I have no reason to get cute clothes.  Why do I want them?  I would never wear them.  And then Mom says she wants some.  Ok, sure, let’s go.  I wouldn’t mind it hanging up in my closet and every time i looked at it I would sigh and think, “I wish I had a reason to wear that.”

Speaking Of Work

Well!  The manager is leaving the store I work at to go to a closer store whose manager is leaving there.  So this means that my neighbor, a.k.a. the assistant manager, will be the manager of this store.  Which means that this other lady will be the assistant manager.  I have no problem with this, because I like her.  Now, he spot will be open, and currently, she is a key holder (or a.k.a, a lead).  She has already said that I will take her current position.  No big deal, I like this idea.

The Future

I want to write this book and get it published and at least get it into a store.  BUT, I have a problem.  You see, I don’t want to publish a book and use my last name, and then get married, and be stuck with having to use it.  I don’t want my last name on any book.  It does not bring me joy to think about using it.  BUT, I want to publish a book.  Like, now (you know what I mean).  I know I could use a different name , but, then I’d be stuck with it.  It’s like a tattoo…kind of…not really.  #WritersProblems  Did I just do that?


A couple of months ago, someone called me “broody.”  I wanted to punch them…but then again, I have been wanting to punch a lot of things lately.  Anyway, I know I sounded like I was, but, that was certainly not my intent.  It never is, at any time really.  I’m too young to be broody.  Other adjective you may use to describe me are stuck, and confused.  I do, I feel stuck.  I don’t have the slightest clue as to when my next move should be.  I’m confused.  I know that it’s just for the time being, because something will happen and I’ll go, “Oh, I don’t know why I was so worried, everything is fine.”  (Happens all the time).


Next up is finishing this story and seeing what future happenings happen and where they might take me.  All I know is that right now I need to focus on getting my driver’s license and writing.

And making sure these rabbits don’t destroy anything else.

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