‘Regifted’ by Eleventyseven

If you think punk rock bands can’t do Christmas music, you haven’t heard this.  But, who would think such a thing in the first place?

Of course, I have to start out with a story, so, let me get that out of the way.

Back when MySpace was big, these guys made a song about it.  Good song, by the way.  Anyway, in 2007 I went to a festive in Michigan called Big Ticket.  I had heard these guys were going to be there, so I wanted to wait around and hear that song.  No, they weren’t on the main stage.  In fact, they played in a tent for about 15-20 people (myself, of course, included).  Yea, I’ve been a fan of them ever since.  So when they wanted people to review their Christmas EP, I virtually raised my hand just waiting to be chosen.

So, let me begin!

I personally love these songs.  What songs are on it?  Well, let me tell you:

(Note: the order of the songs here are different than on iTunes, Amazon, etc.)

Angels We Have Heard On High-

It’s funny, really.  It sounds very…cheerful, and Christmas-y.  And then we’ve got this drum machine and other electronic sounds that makes it fit into what music is now-a-days.  They did such a great job of blending the classic elements with their own, which makes it have a more “edgy” Christmas feel.

Last Christmas-

Honestly, this makes me think of 80’s music.  And I love it.  First of all, let me just say, I love the tone of the vocals.  In fact, I just love his vocals in general (always have).  I love the effect on them in the verses.  I like fast tempos of this song usually, but the way they arranged everything they put into this song makes the tempo have an acceptable feel.  (I never made sense in my college papers, and I’m not about to start.  Maybe my confusion will get you to listen to the song so you’ll know what I’m trying to say, and you’ll realize that you like it?  Perhaps?)

Oh Come All Ye Faithful-

My favorite version of this song is done by Jeremy Camp, which is a long ways away from these guys.  I’m not saying I don’t like it though.  Can I tell you a funny story?  I listened to this song with my mom, and she goes, “Something’s wrong with it.”  She was talking about the drums at the very beginning.  They are not the same tempo as the vocals (which makes me think of the two most important questions for a band: Can your drummer play to a click?  And can he actually play?  Ba-dum-ch!  It’s just a joke my teachers always said).  But anyway, I laughed and answered her with, “That’s punk rock, Mom.”  She just doesn’t get it man.  But, moving on from that, I like it.  The electric guitar is what makes the song for me.  Whoever said, “Let’s make the vocal the right tempo and add some rockin’ electric guitar”, you are my friend (or at least, I wish you were).

Oh Holy Night-

AH!  My favorite Christmas song!  Favorite version?  I’m not sure, but I love it when this song is slow, and dark, and strong.  I mean, I love it when the singer has some power behind their vocals.  This one though?  It’s a little faster, it’s got this nice synth going, and some bells.  And then…bam.  The vocals.  We have some doubling going on.  High and low.  Aaaaand it’s awesome.  The egtr (electric guitar) playing its couple notes here and there in the first chorus?  I approve.  And then it gets faster and then I start head banging.  It’s a hit.  It’s still got the power I’m looking for too.  Their own power, which is a big plus.  And man, do I love Matt’s vocals!  Gah!  Always have.

Wonderful Christmastime-

Ok, first of all, you’ll definitely know what song this is from the first four notes.  At first I was thinking, “Did I click on Family Force Five’s version?”  And then I heard the drums and I was like, “Nope.”  Love this stuff!  This version is slower than FF5’s, which is nice.  I may or may not like this version more than theirs…just sayin’.  Why?  I like the slower tempo, and the fact that they didn’t put a lot of effects in it that FF5 did.  And what effects they did put in it (like the vocal effect after the fourth chorus), they were different.

Overall, if you like electronic music, or punk rock, or Christmas music, you should at least give it a listen (it would be great if you like a combination of two, or all three, like me).

I have always been a fan, I will always be a fan, and I really want to see them again.  Maybe someday with more than 15-20 people (maybe 115-20 thousand people, that would be great).

I know it’s still early, but, Merry Christmas everyone!

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