5 People That Show Me Jesus

I try to see Jesus in everything and everyone.  Some people just show Him to me more than others.  There’s no formula for the person to be able to do this, it just happens that God picks these people.  Before I go on, let’s me explain how I came up with this topic.

Jesus’ genealogy is quite interesting.  Of course, it’s not really His, since He isn’t born of this world, but it leads to Joseph, who is His earthly father.  I can’t really explain too much to you, except for the fact that God chose these people to be in the lineage of the person who God chose to lead Jesus (in an earthly way.  You see what I’m getting at).

Out of about 50 names (45 maybe) only four are woman: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba.

Tamar resorted to deception and prostitution to produce children through her father-in-law. Yet, it was from her line, the tribe of Judah, that the Messiah came.

Rahab was a Gentile and a prostitute in Jericho.  She also became the mother of Boaz, who married Ruth.

Ruth was morally upright. But as a Moabitess, she was a Gentile and therefore considered unclean. Yet, she became the grandmother of David (Ruth 4:13–17), whom the Jews regard as their greatest king.

Bathsheba committed adultery with David. (2 Samuel 11:4) Later, she gave birth to King Solomon (2 Samuel 12:24), from whose royal line Jesus descended.

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I chose to talk about these certain five people because they remind me of these four woman.  They are all different, and you wouldn’t–at least I didn’t–expect them to do what they have done.

5 People That Show Me Jesus

Jennifer C.

I met Jennifer almost a year ago over on Google+.  She is an atheist.  She is also open-minded, and although she may see the world a little differently than I do, she gets it.  Jennifer commented on my Something So Positive Can Be So Negative blog post (in it, I talk about how someone said that God doesn’t need us).  She talked about her painting.  She said,

It’s a piece of who I am. In this line of thought, I can only imagine there is a piece of G-d in everything he/she/they create. And you don’t ‘want’ pieces of yourself, you need them.

Jesus, showing me He needs me through someone who doesn’t believe in Him.  It just proves to me He is so much more than I make Him out to be.  Thank you Jennifer, for being you.  This is how Jennifer shows me Jesus.

Adam Lambert

I have talked about Adam before, in my Make Your World Small blog post.  First I talked about an atheist.  Now I’m talking about a gay guy.  But I’m not just talking about a gay guy, I’m talking about a guy who believes in the universe.  Again, not a Christian.  You might be wondering, “How does he show you Jesus?”  Probably because I haven’t explained that yet.  I wrote a journal entry on deviantArt all about how Adam showed me Jesus.  I even said,

When I look at [Christian musicians], and look at me[…], I am reminded of Jesus.

Mind you, this was back in 2010.  I’ve grown up a little since then.  But anyway, let me continue.  Here’s an excerpt from that journal entry:

I thank God that He took something I saw as bad, and turned it into something good.  Today was the second time I had listened to Adam’s CD in a week.  That’s a big deal.  And both times God has pointed something out to me.  The first time, He showed me what other people see in him.  People who look up to Adam, who Adam has inspired in some way.  Those are the people’s perspectives I saw him through.  I saw why and how he has inspired them.  I was inspired too.  I love seeing things in many different ways.  It gives me a sense of compassion.  I feel like I can help and relate to more people.  And if I can’t see things how they see them, God always shows me what they see and how they see it.

I ended it with God used Adam to show me myself”.  What do I mean by this?  God used Adam and the way he is, to show me I’m ok being me.  I don’t really compare myself to Jesus (how can I?), but I do like to look at His life, and look at my own.

I am reminded of Jesus.  He was a terrible person.  He did miracles on the Sabbath, he hung out with and made friends with stealers, liars, cheaters.  He talked to prostitutes and healed people who had sinned.  What a terrible, terrible person!  As for me, I have friends that are bi-sexual, gay, lesbian, people who swear, lie, and who have probably already had sex before marriage.  I too am a terrible, terrible person.

I realized this when Adam came into my life.  Why do I have such a heart for him?  Why do I have such a love for him?  Do you see who Jesus has a love for?  I used to be so ashamed because of my love for Adam (the title of my journal entry is, “I’m Sinning So Bad Right Now”).  My lifestyle is ok.  As long as I live it for the glory of God, and I always point to Him, and I remember that He loves me no matter what.  This is how Adam shows me Jesus.

Chris August

Of course I would add him to this list, right?  If you haven’t read it, please don’t read my crappily put together review of his latest CD.  For the love of God, stay away from it.

I think it’s kind of clear to see why I’m adding him.  Duh, he’s a Christian.  Is that what you’re thinking?  Let me just say this, why did I not add “Christians”?  Why did I just add him specifically?

I very well could have added Jeremy Camp, seeing as how he was my father figure when I didn’t have one.  But, he showed me the way to God, and from there, I was shown Jesus.  No, there is a reason I added Chris.

Chris is a unique Christian singer.  He used to be in the mainstream music scene, but although it isn’t uncommon for Christian musicians to have an “early life” away from God, Chris seems to have embraced Jesus with a tighter grip.  I can say, honestly, and not being ashamed or feeling the need to explain myself, I can see Chris follows Jesus closer than other Christian musicians.  Even knowing back stories and histories and thoughts and feelings of other people, there is just something about Chris that strikes me as more influential and inspiring.  Listening to both of his albums, I could–and can–just image him sitting in a room across from God and having a conversation with him.  The conversation goes from thinking Him for saving him, to feeling like he might not be what God is looking for.  But then, after letting out all of his feelings, it ends with him saying that it’s ok, because he knows God understands everything about him, what he’s feeling and what he wants to say but can’t.

It’s so inspiring.  It makes me want to just talk to Jesus, with the understanding that I might not think I’m saying the right thing, but through all of my babbling and stammering, He’s smiling and hugging me and saying, “It’s ok, I understand.” With this, I feel so much more comfortable going to Jesus with anything, because Chris has shown me the Jesus that loves, and accepts, and is here no matter what.  Chris sings about himself, and how he feels when he thinks about the Jesus he has come to know.  That is how Chris shows me Jesus.

Joseph Prince

Joseph Prince is a pastor from Singapore.  I started listening to him back in 2007.  Mom had open heart surgery and couldn’t sleep one night, so she turned on the t.v.  The next morning she told me all about him.  “You have got to watch him!”  That was kind of hard to do, seeing as how he was on at 4 or 5 in the morning, and I had school.  But, when I did finally get a chance to listen to him, all I could think was…”I can’t understand a word he’s saying.”  Ok, so that’s not entirely true, although there were some things he said that I didn’t quite get.  But anyway, let me ask you a question: Why have I quit going to church?  Why do I get up in the middle of sermons when I do go to church?  And why, after 5 years, am I still listening to this guy?  The answer: Jesus.  Joseph preaches about something that I had been missing for 16 years: Jesus.  I knew about Jesus, but I didn’t know Jesus.  God was just someone I asked for forgiveness from when I had sinned… or rather, at the end of the month when I had racked up “sin points” to be conscious of them.  The thing I had been learning up until that point was, “If you die and you have not asked for forgiveness, you will go to hell.  So ask for forgiveness every time you sin.”  Well, I didn’t, but I only saw God as a forgiver.  And Jesus was the other guy I accepted into my heart to make me a Christian.

Joseph, on the other hand, taught me who Jesus was.  He taught me that Jesus died so you wouldn’t have to keep asking for forgiveness.  Wow, thanks Jesus, I’m already feeling better about myself!  He also taught me that less sin conscious you are, and the more Jesus conscious you are, the less you’ll sin.  And that, “do good, get good–do-bad, get bad” isn’t always true.

Five years later, things work out more smoothly, more quickly, and with a more positive ending, because I know Jesus, and I see Him everywhere, because I know what to look for.  I see the wisdom God has given me, and the answers God shows me, and sometimes, I even see the direction I’m supposed to go in.  All because Joseph has taught me how to see Jesus, what to look for, what to listen for.  I am more comfortable and more confident, because I know who has made me that way, the way that I am.  Who has made me the way I am, who guides me, and who watches over me.  That is how Joseph shows me Jesus.


And last but not least, Jesus Himself.  How can I see Him anywhere, without knowing it was Him who showed them how to show me Him?  Thumbs up if that made sense.  Like I said before, Jeremy Camp was my way to see God.  After I was strong enough to see God without looking to someone else, God started to show me Jesus.  And when I started to see Jesus, He started to, and still does, show me different sides of Him.  To some of you, He may not count because He is the person I am trying to see, but if you go into my room, and I point at my keyboard (the musical instrument), I am showing you a part of myself.  Jesus directs me toward different parts of Himself through stories, colors, weather, scenery.  Jesus very much counts, even more so than anyone else.  Jesus is Jesus, and His love for me is evident through atheists, outlaws, and rebels.  He wants me to know Him, every part of Him, and He will do whatever it takes, and use whoever it takes, to make me see Him.  That is how Jesus shows me Jesus.

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