Super Powers And Relationship Advice

Seven hours until my next blog post comes out…and I have two ideas.  One of which I can never answer, and the other I have no experience with.  This isn’t going to go well.

First, the top three super powers I want, and why.

Ugh, super powers…  Flying would be cool, but I don’t want to run into planes.  Teleportation would be cool, but we all know what happened to Harry Potter when he said the right thing the wrong way…  I could always get a phone booth instead of a fire-place though.  That’s a thought.

Seeing through things, I’m afraid of what I might see.  Reading people’s minds, not these days.  Making things come to me with my mind, I wouldn’t get much exercise.

Sorry, no super powers for me.

As for the other suggestion: Why is it easier for guys to drop a girl and move on than it is for a girl to do the same?

Quite honestly, I don’t know.  One, I’m not a guy.  Two, I have no experience in this department, and three, I didn’t have enough time to ask a guy this.

But, if I were to guess, here’s my answer: Guys want sex, girls want love.

Arguing, ensue!

For God sakes, people, I’m not saying guys don’t want love!  But I do know one reason why guys drop girls.  Same reason I “drop” guys.  I get bored.  They don’t fulfill a need, I suppose.  (If you’re reading this, and you’re a guy I have yet to drop, congratulations.  Has it been more than a year that we’ve known each other?  Wow, kudos to you!  You must be doing something right).

I’d like a guy to comment on this (or a girl, I’m not leaving anyone out).  It’s 2:15, I had a long day at work, and I probably couldn’t have answered this anyway if asked when I was wide awake.  I have a friend who just recently went though a breakup, and would like an answer.  Sadly, I have none.

But I do have an opinion.  Guys are stupid.  And if they’re not stupid, they have standards.  And if they don’t have standards, then they’re confused, and they’re trying to find their standards.  Or they’re bored, like I said above, but really, if you have standards, and you meet someone who reaches them, you won’t get bored.

I’m not saying she didn’t meet his standards, they were together for a while.  But then again, standards change.  I remember when I said I would never date a guy who never went to college.  Now days, the only guys I like are ones that never went to college.  I wanted to date a guy around a certain age, and now, that age range has expanded.  You have to find out what you want, and secure that.  Maybe guys have a harder time in that area than girls do.  I was listening to an interview with a guy (who I know, he’s not just a random guy), and he was 31 when he finally decided what he wanted.  31!  Yea, there are guys who are younger than that who know what they want, but I’d say around 30 is the norm.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s different for every guy, every situation, every past experience.  We shape our feelings, and our futures, and our outlooks in our childhood.  By our parents and friends and our own ideas.  There is no one, right or wrong answer.  That’s just my opinion.

I tried.  I’m tired.  I’ll probably read this tomorrow (or, later on today) and shake my head in shame, wondering what I was thinking.

Good bye.

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