Constitute With The Old Ways

My mom got a pocket-sized Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States (what other Constitution would she get?).  As we read the Declaration of Independence together, I thought of some really great ideas to write about...and then I went to sleep and forgot them all.  This blog post is my attempt to remember … Continue reading Constitute With The Old Ways

5 People That Show Me Jesus

I try to see Jesus in everything and everyone.  Some people just show Him to me more than others.  There's no formula for the person to be able to do this, it just happens that God picks these people.  Before I go on, let's me explain how I came up with this topic. Jesus' genealogy … Continue reading 5 People That Show Me Jesus

Super Powers And Relationship Advice

Seven hours until my next blog post comes out...and I have two ideas.  One of which I can never answer, and the other I have no experience with.  This isn't going to go well. First, the top three super powers I want, and why. Ugh, super powers...  Flying would be cool, but I don't want … Continue reading Super Powers And Relationship Advice

Something So Positive Can Be So Negative

There is a guy named Mike Donehey.  He is the lead singer of a band called Tenth Avenue North.  Now this band has some beautiful songs.  They are full of hope, and love, and hard-hitting truth.  They're just fantastic. Mike writes.  Of course he does, he writes the songs.  But he always writes blog posts. … Continue reading Something So Positive Can Be So Negative