What Did I Walk Into This Room For?

I love facts.  I love learning about things that we all wonder about.  The other day, I was rubbing my eye, and when I stopped I asked, “Why does that feel so good?”  So I searched for an answer.  And I got one!  It was a very interesting answer, and I think everyone should know it.  Along with a few other interesting bits of knowledge that might make you go, “Wow!  I didn’t know that was real!”

So here are 5 facts/bits of knowledge that I have learned, and would like to pass on to you:

Why Does Rubbing Your Eyes Feel Good?

When you rub your eyes, you are messaging a nerve and are stimulating the ocularcardio reflex that slows down your heartbeat and lowers your blood pressure.  Same thing goes for back scratching/massaging, you’re stimulating nerves that are connected to the nervous system.

Lips Find Each Other In The Dark. Thanks Neurons!

Have you ever kissed someone in the dark, without knowing where they were exactly?  And has it ever been on point?  Well, our brain has special neurons that help make that happen.  It’s too bad that I can’t find any more information on this, but now you know it’s the neurons in our brain.

(I also learned a few other interesting things about kissing, like in a one minute kiss, you burn 26 calories!  Why I care, I don’t know.)

Stupid Door Way!

Did you know this has some science behind it?  It’s the door way!  See, doorways act as an “event boundary” that the brain uses to separate memories.  When you enter a new room, your brain updates its understanding of what’s going on in the new environment, which takes some mental effort.  The reason behind you going into the room gets compartmentalized, and it is no longer the most important thing to focus on.


Sex In The Morning Is Better Than Coffee

Oh sure, you’ve thought this before.  It’s sex for crying out loud!  But, you know, there are reasons for this being true.  First of all, you’re happier for the rest of the day (it boosts your feel-good hormones).  Also, you’re healthier, and you’ll look better.  Not that you don’t look good in the morning anyway, I’m sure.  It releases oxytocin, your feel-good chemical, which makes you more loving and more bonded.  Also, stronger and more beautiful.  It also strengthens your immune system by increasing levels of IgA, an antibody that fights off infections.


Why I bothered to add this one… Hey, I’m just helping YOU guys out.

A Sea Creature That Shoots A Gun

This has got to be my favorite one.  It’s not a fact, per se, but it’s interesting.

It’s called the Pistol Shrimp.  And rightly so.  So, it has two claws, but one of them acts like a pistol.  When the shrimp “snaps” it shoots out a jet of water up to 60 miles per hour.  What this does is, when the bubble bursts, it lets out a loud pop which stuns its prey.  I can’t really explain it to you, but I do have a cool article, which includes an awesome video, to help you better understand this thing:


Well, that’s it for today.  Until next time!  Short and sweet… It won’t last for long.

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