Book Review: ‘One Big Thing’ by Phil Cooke

What comes easy to you?  What do you love?  What drives you crazy?  Three questions that Cooke asks to help you find what you are most passionate about, what your One Big Thing is.

This book found me where I am.

Phil Cook has written a book suitable for everyone.  Those who know, and those who have no idea.  And he speaks from both sides of the line.  Remembering what it was like to not know, he speaks to those people fluently.  On the other hand, he speaks to people who already know in a very straightforward way.  He knows how to communicate with everyone, and in such a way so that we all know what’s ahead of us, and remember what we went through.  It’s very honest, and he gives great examples for whatever he is writing about.  It just makes sense.  When he talks about how to go after your dream, he shows you how to get started.  He gives you the tips and the ways through the industry of whatever you want to get into, and he makes it seem very possible to succeed.  Very encouraging.

I personally love this book.  The writing was very easy to read and understand, yet it held some weight to it (sometimes, easy to read books just seem too…easy).  The questions and topics Cooke brought up are very thought-provoking, and they make you look at your life, quite deeply, to help you get closer to your One Big Thing (or rather, what you’re most passionate about).  He even adds in personal stories, which adds to the effect it had on me.  This book definitely showed me that I am on the right path.  Even from the beginning, when he was talking about college, I knew it was going to be a good book.  And it was.

It’s a very personal book.  It’s like spending $15 for a one-on-one “finding your passion” session, that might actually cost $150 (thanks to Booksneeze, I got it for free).  It seems as though he is talking right to you, and not anyone else.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I definitely recommend getting it.  Even if you do know what your passion is, and even if you are already living it out, it might help you in some way.  Or, it might just be a book you read when you’re bored.  Either way, give it a try.

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