Quit To Get Ahead

Sorry the picture is small.  I do hope you understand what it means by the end of the post.

All the best things in our lives come to us because we risked ordinary to have extraordinary

(Thanks Becket Moorby).

For the past two years, I was going to school, only because I didn’t have a job.  It was either school, or a job.  “God,” I said, “I’ll quit school if I get a job.”  (You all know this already).  Never got one.  Then something happened.  I had an idea.  “What if I need to quit school, in order to get things going in my life?”  There are times when I think things, but don’t act on them, but I’m not sure if they’re my ideas, or Gods.  But I had a suspicion that this was not one of my ideas.  Why?  That’s a crazy idea!  Why would I quit when I don’t have a backup plan?  Never have done that before, and I never will.  Well, anyway, I did.  I wouldn’t have, had it been for my starting off school with an F in one of my classes.  That was definitely the push I needed.

So I quit, and apply to two places (I swear there was more, but I cannot think of them).  I went to one place and told them I  lived close, and I really wanted a job.  Apparently, that’s not good enough.  Even though it’s summer, and people are going back to school, I am not good enough.  Of course, it’s been like that since I got here, but whatever.

So my neighbor gets held up at gun point at his store (he is a manager at Dollar General).  After he tells me this, he asks me if I want a job….

I can’t pass up a job.

So I say sure, and I apply and he tells his boss about me (the hiring manager, I guess).

So while I wait for that, there’s this girl who is looking for someone to read, edit, and critique her story.  Great!  The editor in my jumps for joy.  Plus, this will help me to critique…and actually read something.

Then, I find this site called Book Sneeze.  If you have a blog with 30 or more followers, you can sign up to review books for free.  I had 3 followers.  Sad face.  Until, I decided, “Well, everyone now knows I quit school.  I can’t hide it any longer.  I may as well link my Twitter and my Facebook [and Tumblr] to the blog.”  Now I have 459 followers.  I pull my eyebrows together (I’m confused, that’s what I’m trying to say), and go back over to Book Sneeze.  Yes, publicized followers do count.  Long story short, I’m accepted.  So there, I’m a book reviewer now!

Third thing that comes along is an opportunity to video my favorite mixer’s band while they play a show downtown.  Yes, I could have footage in a “music video”.  Don’t know much about it yet, but still, how exciting!

Some time later, I notice that my blog had 26 views on the 20th.  26!  It looks like my chart is giving me the middle finger (more F yea! than F you!), because the days next to it, I had 6 views, and 8 views.  Wow!  (I get excited over little things).

And then, I get an e-mail that says I need to fill out new employee information.  Wait what?  I have a job?!  Looks like it.  Yes, it did take someone else to get me a job, but who cares?  *I now have one!

What are you trying to say?

Do you see what happens when you quit something?  At the right time, of course.  I don’t suggest everyone quit everything they’re doing, but good Lord, if you feel like you should, then do!  “But I have a family to provide for.”  Be smart about quitting then.  If you know you can’t, then don’t.  I’m just saying, if you can and you want to/need to/have to, then do.

I know most of you don’t believe in God, or some higher power/being, but I know you’ve got to believe in something.  Haven’t you ever just known?  Some might call it common sense, or…hocus pocus (I don’t know a lot of lingo, if you couldn’t tell), but whatever it is.  It doesn’t matter what we call it, it has the same general job title: to tell us something.  And we should all know what to do when it does: listen to it.

It’s not like me to fall without knowing something else is there.  But I did, and five things ended up being there.  It was risky and hard and strange, but I did it.  I have a feeling it won’t be the last time.  Heck, it might have even made me a little more adventurous.

I wonder what could come next?

*- I have yet to hear from the manager, so it’s not official.  I just know that everything is filled out and I’m ready.

4 thoughts on “Quit To Get Ahead

  1. Jennifer Coleman says:

    I’ve always been a big proponent of listening to your gut instinct. I call it kishkes, you might call it G-d. But either way, I have a strong belief that you need to do what your body is telling you. It is rarely rarely wrong.

    Thank you for sharing this, takes quite a bit of bravery. And you, madam, are quite brave.


      • Jennifer Coleman says:

        I think it takes a great deal of bravery to stop doing what the entire world is telling people what they *ought* to do and to do what you actually think is best for you. That is definitely bravery. You could have let fear stop you and kept you on the path you were on.


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